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Not to spam the thread but I've done lots of gaming today.

9.Super Mario 64- Got all 7 stars on bomb-omb battlefield, plus a few in Cool cool mountain and Jolly Roger bay. It's been nearly a year since my last 120 star run, I think it may be time for another playthrough.

10.Goemon's Great Adventure- Played Lost 'n Road with Ebisumaru.

11.Mischief Makers- Played the first level, Meet Marina!! And messed around on some other levels too. This was the first time I've played since getting all the S ranks last month, its crazy how much different the game feels playing it normal versus playing it fast.

12.Lode Runner 3-d- Beat level 1. I'm actually on the third world but I took the 20 seconds so I could add it to my list ;)

13.Nightmare Creatures- Beat Level 1 with Ignatius, which is the furthest I've ever made it. Not a bad game at all but it doesn't click well with me.

14.Mickey Speedway USA- Finshed 1st in the first cup, traffic troubles, on professional difficulty. I love this game no matter what. Louie 4 Life

15.Blast Corps- played Simian Acres again

16.Chameleon Twist- Cleared Jungle Land

17.Chameleon Twist 2- Cleared Sky Land, with all the coins too!

So my list is now at 17 games. For my next post I picked out 10 games which I've never played, all of which are considered good games of varying degrees, and I'm gonna go through them this week and give them all fair chances, and hopefully I find some new favorites!
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