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More to add,all games I've never really played. To cut down on useless first impressions I ranked them from 1-4 stars.

18.****007 TWINE - Completed first 3 missions on secret agent. Expectedly Dandy
19.***Glover - Completed Atlantis. Unpredictably Nirvana
20.*Shadow Man - Made it through the marrow gates and got the first dark soul. Potentially bleh
21.**Beetle Adventure Racing - Finished 1st cup on novice. Temporarily pleasurable
22.***Bomber Man 64 - Finished first 3 stages of Green Garden on normal. Smilingly pleasant
23.****Buck Bumble - Finished first 4 missions. Savagely delecious
24.**Fighter Destiny 2 - Beat vs. with 11 charcters, did one round of Fighters arena. Sadly Samey
25.*Gex 64 - Finished first level of scream tv. Basically Bubsy
26.*** Rayman 2 - Completed the first 2 levels. Fairly Excellent
27.***Snowboard Kids 2 - Finished first 3 story races and the snowman boss stage. Eventually amusing

My list is at 27 now. Is this actually ending in January? Because if so I don't have much time to add more games.
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