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It's been a slower week then I would have liked but I got a few quick additions in between playing Perfect Dark, Buck Bumble, and Snowboard Kids 2. Hopefully I'll have more time in the next few days to play some good stuff. And I'll keep them numbered from now on for convenience sake.

28.Dr. Mario 64 - Did 2 stages in story mode on Normal. Can't beat stage 3 because I suck
29.F-Zero X - Jack Cup on Expert. I need to take a week to attempt master some day.
30.Fighters Destiny - Did versus on crazy difficulty with Joker
31.Robotron 64- played to wave 50
32.Blues Brothers 2000- Played the first level for the 5th time. I'd be fine if I never play this game again.
33.Toy Story 2- played through Andy's House
34.Starshot Space Circus Fever- Got Virtua Circus off Tensuns, the first objective.
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