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Super Smash Bros won our Game of the Month vote off by a healthy margin.

It is a title that I truly was not interested in back when it came out. In 2001 I found out that my wife and her family loved the game. They played it every weekend when they got together. Soon, I was joining them. They were seasoned pros though, and I was a green rookie. Playing as Link, I got my butt handed to me weekly, and NEVER won a single game we played :lol: I found the game to be enjoyable though, even in defeat.

In the years after, we moved on to playing the follow ups on Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U. On Gamecube I still never won a battle. I used both Link and Ganondorf. My wife used Kirby, her twin used Pikachu, and my bro in laws used Mario and Donkey Kong primarily.

Now we play on the Wii U when we get together. Last year about this time, I won my first battle ever against them. I have won a good bit since as well. I still use Link and Ganondorf some, but Little Mac became my favorite. I make them hate him, and I enjoy my sweet revenge :yeah:
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