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I could try and dispute it but everyone might string me up for it. . . . :unsure: Well here it goes. I'm gonna say it. I unironically prefer Fighter's Destiny and I'll fight to death for its honor!

Artists representation of Shellshocker18 Fighting for Fighters Destiny's honor

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Well anyway that's beside the point. More people have enjoyed Smash over the years so I concede that it's the better game. Besides I really love the original Smash Brothers despite it being the last of the smash series that I got around to playing. One thing I love is that the multiplayer ai in this game doesn't have frame perfect reactions so the single player doesn't feel cheap or tedious. The combat works amazingly well on the n64's 2 button controller and the whole game feels closer to a traditional fighter than the sequels do which gives it a unique and still important place in the series. But of course it still has all the wacky items and stages for a fun multiplayer game too.

My only complaint is probably the lack of a single player final destination stage or an f-zero and Earthbound stage. The small roster and move sets make it so easy to pIay and have fun with. Nintendo were really good at plugging the holes in its library during the n64 era, they got an rpg with Paper Mario and an innovative fun fighting game outta Smash Brothers. Unlike the former though, this series never went downhill in popularity and is still one of Nintendo's greatest success's.

If only James Bond and Banjo-Kazooie would have made it in. That would have been killer
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