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I didn't really care for Super Smash Bros. when it was originally released because I was too heavy in to "hardcore" fighting games at the time. SSB didn't have the technical gameplay of Street Fighter II or the visceral appeal or Tekken for me and my friends to take it seriously at the time of its release. However, as the years have passed I've really come to appreciate the original Super Smash Bros. as a brilliant and innovative title. I like it so much that I have both the North American and Japanese cartridges in my N64 collection now.

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I modded my Japanese copy of Smash 64 with the back plate of a North American N64 game so I can easily play it without the need of a converter.

Ultimately, what I probably like best about Super Smash Bros. is that it's as serious a game as you want it to be. Turn off items and go head-to-head with your buddy for some intense competitive action. You can also turn on the items of your choice and have a wacky fun-fest with up to three other people for a thrilling gaming party night that's sure to be a blast for all who participate.
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