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Yes, but what are the chances out of all the thumbsticks examined, that your controller has that particular one?

I know, trust me. I'm extremely lucky. After my first post I realized I hadn't refurbished that controller yet and wanted to see if it had a playtronics sticker on the board. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone. It wasn't until after I wrapped everything up and uploaded the pictures of the board that I vaguely remembered glancing over Linus' post about the one-off stick he had and I was like, "holy :pottymouth: - I swear the MIJ controller I just got done refurbishing had that exact stick on it." Sure enough. It did. If Linus didn't chime in on this thread I would have never in a million years noticed that about the joystick.

The fact that the box is also just as rare cannot be a coincidence. Right?

I'm not trying to downplay my box. If it's an unknown variant to variant collectors then I imagine it's rare. "Keep forgetting to look at that thread you referenced." I don't think you're giving Nintendo enough credit. Surely they didn't put the wrong controller in the wrong box. It's not like I got this controller brand new in the store and opened it to find it like that. It's been floating around for 20+ years now and the box has seen better days so I'm certain it didn't come in that box. I, at least, wouldn't put any money on it anyways.

I'm sure you guys remember the odd ball prototype pictures of the n64 controller that were printed with the big stick prior to it's release.

Posted Image

Maybe, these dips were to allow that stick to move all the way up to the NW and NE corners and they just forgot to remove them from the final design? We all know even the regular ones can touch when pressed to the NW and NE corners with even mild pressure. This "day one" is no different though as I checked to see if it was worse or not. It's exactly the same. So maybe it has a shorter stick? Maybe, like Linus mentioned, the 2 of the 8 corners are slightly deeper? It's a lot to look into. That's for sure.
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