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Dani, wow, that's all I can say. Whenever you start collecting and think you know a thing or two you realize you don't know :pottymouth: at all, haha. Well, I guess that's with all things though. I guess I'll hold on to the box but I really think it'd be appropriate to give it to someone who collects box variants. I just know it would be appreciated more.

My gray JP box is complete with the "leaflet" if you will and the controller cardboard. The leaflet had never been opened but I opened it just enough to peek inside and see what English there was and it says (c) 1996 Nintendo PRINTED IN JAPAN

On the front of the leaflet it says "NUS-A-CG-JPN G976335"

And NO64DD thanks for that assembler link. You're like the google of the N64 collecting world :lol:

Edit: My box says C/NUS-A-CG-JPN G784119 and my leaflet says NUS-A-CG-JPN G976335, are the G#'s serials?

Edit: No64DD, what's the difference between the two MK controllers? Don't they both say MIJ?
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