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So the 'G' numbers appear to be some kind of internal coding on Nintendo's products for the NTSC-J region, I believe they are similar to the 'Article Numbers' we had in Europe.

This was probably because everything was printed in Japan so they used unique numbers to identify everything. The numbers are in groups, so for example all the game front labels are sequential (if you ingore the end number), but there doesn't really seem to be a pattern to how they are grouped. After a couple of years Nintendo stopped displaying them, though they may have continued using them internally.

Let's take for example the Japanese release for Star Fox 64, you'll get these Article Numbers:
  • G508328 - controls [NUS-NFXJ-JPN]
  • G508344 - registration card [NUS-NFXJ-JPN]
  • G744816 - cartridge back label [NUS-JPN]
  • G751712 - cartridge front label [NUS-NFXJ-JPN]
  • G797715 - standard game box [NUS-P-NFXJ-JPN]
  • G797723 - outer box [NUS-P-NFXJ-JPN]
  • G985971 - instructions booklet [NUS-NFXJ-JPN]

Maybe one day I'll get round to documenting all of these.

As for the individually boxed Black & Grey controller, I have seen the box code for a revised edition which starts NUS, so for me that's strong evidence it will say MIJ on the controller itself. (note this box was obviously made sometime after they stopped including the G numbers).

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