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The social aspect is the best part of 64 because it seems people take that one less seriously than the others at least around here. My local retro store had a few smash 64 tournaments where about maybe 30 people showed up so it felt like just a bunch of Bros hanging out. We ended up playing on Peach's Castle with Bumpers in the semi-finals and it was a laugh riot. We had a smash tourney for Smash 4 and the owners have told me that they never want to have another smash tournament again. A bunch of people from the nearby schools Smash club came and absolutely would not talk about anything other than smash or go easy on people who odviously weren't good at the game. After they lost they didn't even want to stick around to play some casual matches. It sucked because it was a local thing with no stakes so it was really annoying. I like the smaller crowds that Smash 64 brings in. I wish we would do another one soon.
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