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I actually think the n64's small library makes it easier to give each game a chance and show it the appreciation it deserves. The lack of solid third party support means that the n64 library has quite a ratio of weird games like this one to fill the holes the library left by companies not supporting it. Much like some people view World Driver Championship as a Gran Turismo knock off, people view Rakuga Kids as a Street Fighter Alpha knock off. I don't think knock off the right term but what I mean is that they feel like replacements for those games.

If Doodle Children has one thing that is undebatably stellar, it is the presentation. This game oozes a high energy 90's vibe that I adore. It's the reason most people pick up this game at first and undoubtedly the best aspect of the game. Did you know that in Doodle Children all the characters have over 300, mostly over 400 unique frames of animation? That is very impressive for a system not renowned for its sprite work! You know the stars that appear when you get stunned in most fighters? Well here each character has their own unique stars. Astronauts gets ufo's, Captain.Cat.Kit gets music notes. Such a great visual touch and this game has tons of them, like the Jesuslovesyou graffiti. An unbreakable 60 fps is just the piece de resistance on top of this work of art. Something I never hear people mention is the drawing mode that turns all the characters to outlines, and it is also a unique style that shows how well animated everything is. My one complaint is that the stages all take place in front of a 3D wall, probably because all the processing power is going into the sprites and the 60 fps. Only one level, mamas factory, has any depth of field and you can see some pop in on the objects. The mirror effect still makes it my favorite stage though. To complement the high energy visuals you also get a sweet surfer rock sound track with a bunch of reverb electric guitars which really pulls the whole games vibe together

The gameplay is good too once you are used to it. My only complaint is the lack of game modes. The only mode besides story and versus, is. Mode where you train a CPU to fight for you much like the Smash Bros Amiibo nowadays. Fascinating idea but the CPU takes forever to get any good and doesn't really fight In your unique style, it just acts as a normal CPU. It takes time to understand how to actually attack in the air, you have to jump as soon as you launch to get an attack in then throw to keep it going. Most of the characters special moves share the same button combos so it's not at all hard to switch between multiple characters which is nice, and even the special moves only take 2 buttons. The game unfortunately doesn't have a move list built in so you have to use this guide to get anywhere at first, or else the game will feel floaty and incoherent as it does with many people at first.


I'll say that the one thing I majorly dislike is that to unlock stuff you have to play for a certain amount of time.

2 hours: unlock Inuzo as a skin for Mamezo
5 hours: unlock the final boss, Darkness, as a playable fighter
10 hours: change the rate for being stunned
15 hours: Set the number of magic meters you can store up from 0-9 ( 3 is the default )
20 hours: Turn on or off the Combo Limit
25 hours: infinite magic
30 hours: invincibility

These aren't even official times mind you. Some people have said it took days to unlock everything so I don't know how it works. The combo limit is a cool one because when you turn it off you can completely drain all your opponents health at once by corner trapping them and using the right moves throwing them back into the corner to reset. Very satisfying, but they can always escape by using some magic when they get it so it isn't all unfair

Also just to clarify, people say that the pal version is botched and terrible but it isn't. Playing a pal rom converted to ntsc runs and plays just as smooth as the Japanese version. The issue is that pal games just naturally run slower but this isn't a deal breaker. The big issue people have with the pal version is the load times. From the time selecting a character for the story mode, and the stage beginning to load these were the load time before the fight started.

Pal: 24 seconds
Jp: 18 seconds

These vary by character and stage but the Japanese version is always faster. That's just the story mode though. multiplayer fights sometimes load instantly even on the pal version, but other times they take several seconds.
So the load times are inconsistent in the pal version but they are easy to get over and not a deal breaker at all. The main issue is just that pal games naturally run slower so I would still say the Japanese version is the way to go for the best experience of you want a physical cart. All the menu text is in English so it's fully playable, the story mode will just be impossible to read.

It's not the best game ever made but as Dan once perfectly stated it, this game is made to be fun and it lives up to it. It's good enough that I regret it never getting a release here in North America. It would have been a lot more popular if it did. Next to clayfighter 63 1/3 this game would have looked even better and made lots of people happy to have a good original 2d fighter. Geez I didn't mean to type that much... N64 games do that to me.
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