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Well, im not in need of money so im not really gonna try and sell it. But i tend to focus on its future value instead of current,

if we look at history, any amount of time passed on something that was apreciated by the public will increase in value, if its only one generation, then it will last for a lifetime, with peak prices in the end of that generations lifetime (when everyone who played n64 is getting old and a good part of them rich. look at old cars etc)

Nintendo tho is even more secure because it has been around for so long, and got every generation since the 80s onboard. Its a secure market is what im trying to say, and an item like this in mint and with original proof in photos, documented media newspapers etc would be able be worth alot in 30 years.

When i got it, 2001 i actually got an offer for 1500$. I thought already then that this is more valuable than that.
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