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Sure the value is certanily above 2000$ but I just want to give all the collectors out there hope that it is still possible to obtain one in the wild. Yes it took 2 years of constant searching but one day it sat there for 200$ on eBay. I was about to pay ddr any price for his and then I was glad I didn't. Ever since then I changed from beeing a more or less "greedy" collector to becoming a patient one. When collecting has tought me one thing, then that it is a sport of patience and no matter how unobtaiable something seems, you will get your chance if your persistant long enough. How many items have I lost before thinking "this is it, I'll never see this again" and then I did. I agree this is a tricky one to obtain and I got a little lucky, but often the payoff is way higher if you don't buy things in a rush for ridicullous prices. I just felt like sharing this because I was SOOO frustrated knowing I will never own one and I know how that can feel. In the end, I had 3 chances and the realisation that the value of something is not always related to its price.

Also you never know what happens, maybe they'll find a whole stack of these one day. Look what happened to me with my bronze Foxdata Controler for example. Only 2 found, way rarer than the E3 Controller...value possibly in the same realms if it would be official. And now someone opens a box and sets of these fly into collectors hands, but only the ones that have big Dollars in their wallets. What I'm trying to say is, even if my bronze Foxdata will be close to worthless now, I will never loose the value of the feelings I had when obtaining it. So look into the future optimisticly when looking for the E3, no item will ever gain endlessly in value and one day you'll get your chance!
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