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D.J Cat
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Again, another Melee video, but I feel it's related with the seriea and how the game should be played.
Fun and silly. 😀


(song in video contains a few naughty words, be warned etc etc)
A preview to a to a Smash tournament we thought of, made that video and people got pumped 😀
This is the sort of silly fun we used to enjoy from the game.
Having an all DK tournament with the DK Levels in the stage list.
The camcorder footage exists somewhere.
Hopefully one day it gets cut up and put into a montage or something.

And here's more silly fun:
https://youtu.be/OqBTWeAlrMs (my post on smashboards is featured haha)


OK, enough of that!
I could keep going, but that's enough.

All this excellent tomfoolery was spawned from Smash 64 essentially.
Hope it was enjoyable and not annoying...
I over think these things too much. 😆
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