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I cant agree more with DarkLink. Just because something is worth alot, that does not mean you cant find it cheap!
Now i doubt there is an huge locker of the controllers laying around tho.

Foxdata controllers ididnt even know they were that rare, they were sold in stores? How could that ever be rare, by a third party company? I saw them in stores in sweden when i was a kid, imported sure but still there to just buy!

E3 controller was not sold in stores ;P Nintendos HQ in scandinavia got a hold of one. That says something. They are responsible for all nintendo products for like 5 countries atleast (some outside scandinavia too) and aslong as you get an original you gonna be cool in the long run.

Really helps that its gold too, gold is connected to Zelda, lots of ppl love zelda! Like me, i would sell at once if it wasnt gold. It was the gold prize after all! XD
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