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Last day to talk about Super Smash Bros. as game of the month. So yeah, Donkey Kong is mad fun to play as in SSB64. He's slow - yes - but he's got a great spike for taking an opponent's stock if they're not careful. People who like to play with tank characters will feel right at home with DK because he can soak up plenty of abuse before becoming vulnerable to smash attacks. His up-B is versatile too so not only will it get you back on the stage but it can also be used to deal out some damage along the way.

Back when Super Smash Bros. Brawl's on-line mode was still working I often played as Donkey Kong. His power compensated nicely for the lag that was prevalent in that game. Nowadays in Sm4sh, however, I mostly play as the mischievous Wario who also happens to be the character I use most in Mario Kart 8. :D

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