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Well since it's January 31st 2017 the deadline for our point total is almost gone, so here's is all the games I've played in January for one last little push

51. Golden Nugget 64 - reached veteran status by earning $1,000,000
52. Mario Party - played my first 2 games, 1 on Yoshi Island which I lost, and one on Dk Jungle which I won. No items? No random blocks? Working together in minigames? This game is freaking me out man.
53. Transformers Beast Wars - Beat the seceret final boss in arcade mode
54. Kirby 64 - played the first level of Popstar
55. Worms Armageddon - Beat all the single player missions
56. Wonder Project J2 - Completed 100%
57. Mortal Kombat Mythologies - Beat 1 and 3/4 times
58. Rakuga Kids - cleared story mode with Captain.Cat.Kit
59. Powerpuff Grills - Beat it
60. Mace The Dark Age - Beat it
61. Nuclear Strike 64 - Beat it
62. Super Bowling - Beat it
63. Brunswick Pro Circut Bowling - No one wants to be defeated Posted Image <--This should be an emoticon
64. Tetrisphere - I think this one is winning game of the month so I played a few stages trying to learn how to actually play it. Still confusing

Woah :blink: Did any one notice that my total is 64, and that the Nintendo 64 is 64 bits!? Crazy coincidence huh?

Edit: actually no I forgot one. I beat Rayman 2 like 3 days ago so my total is 65. What a bummer

Either that game is really forgettable or I play too much n64

Another edit: yay my total actually is 64 because I played it back in December for this very thread. I guess Rayman 2 is forgettable. It's definatly not my fault for playing too many games.
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