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All the fun of MMA but nobody gets hurt! Discuss the fighting games of the n64 here :)

More detailed introduction:
Of all the video game genres out there, my favorite has to be fighting. I did martial arts growing up so I can enjoy either the technical nature of it or the fast paced action and it's really fun both to play and to watch. I'd definitely like to be more involved in the fighting game community if I could.

As noted whenever Glenn Plant N64 reviews a fighting game on his YouTube channel, the n64 as a whole is not particularly known for the genre. On the other hand, either in spite of this or perhaps because of this, the N64 gamer saw a lot of attempts at creativity and twists on the standard fighter formula that is worth any member of the fighting game community to at least check out. So what if we never officially got Street Fighter or Tekken? (ok it's kind of a big deal but still...) I'd like this thread to be a celebration of what the N64 developers were able to accomplish in this arena (pun somewhat intended).

Personally, I'm not gonna be talking about the M-rated fighting games like Mortal Kombat, War Gods and Bio Freaks but don't let me stop you if they're good games. I played War Gods. It's not.

Right now the only fighting game I have unfortunately is Smash Bros. but here are some of the other ones I'm interested in.

Fighter's Destiny series - one of the most technical games on the system, I've heard really good things about it

Flying Dragon - this is probably the one that would satisfy my traditional fighting game fix the most on the system, again I've heard a lot of praise

Xena: The Talisman of Fate - the closest thing we have to the Soul series on the N64? This one's gotten some mixed opinions but it has its fans.

Rakuga Kids - on the more expensive side, worth importing?

Killer Instinct - I really don't know a whole lot about the series but I love the combo breaker concept. Is it gory like Mortal Kombat or what?

It must be exciting to never have played a Zelda game before - No64DD
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