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I'll gladly talk about N64 fighting games more but I'm in a car right now so I don't have much time but 2 games I would recommend aside from Smash Brothers are the original Fighter's Destiny and to a lesser extent Rakuga Kids.

Fighter's Destiny is the cream of the crop when it comes to N64 Fighters
I wrote a full review for it on this site as well.
It has original gamplay, smooth frame rate on all but one stage, responsive and customizable controls. It unfortunately has a really harsh difficulty curve for beginners with moves you have to unlock and characters to unlock in challenges that are straight up unfair for 99% of players. I wish more people liked it but hopefully it's popularity will increase in the future. While EnvyFox does like the sequal I would always recommend the original because Fighter Destiny 2 has lag a multiple stages,a more tedious mode for unlocking moves and random stat modifiers to customer characters so 2 people with all the moves unlocked could never have a competitive match, and new characters that don't have as much moveset diversity as the original game. Also it has the most boring fighting game announcer ever.

Rakuga Kids is just a decent game. Very decent with A+ visuals and an awesome high quality surfer rock soundtrack l. I basically wrote a review for Rakuga Kids here where the only criticisms I had were how you have to leave the game turned on for many hours unlock characters and options
It's a really simplified version of something like Street Fighter Alpha. Most people say it is floaty and yeah it is slow at first because all the characters have at least a double jump and you are supposed to use defense magic and throws to keep people on the ground. It takes getting used to but it is better than pretty much all the other 3rd party 2d fighters on the system. The menu text in the ntsc-j version is all English so that's why it costs so much to import but I'd say it's worth it. Don't treat it like a tournament level fighter just go into it expecting a fun little distraction and you'll have fun.

Also War Gods is a bit rubbish because it was made to test the new engine that they were going to use for Mortal Kombat 4. It's like another Stuntman or Tonic Trouble situation.
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