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The Shockmaster
Feb 9 2017, 08:35 PM
I'm not entirely sure that they are not in this game as secret characters...
It would be nice to play the PAL version.
Wouldn't that be something. New characters unlocked in N64 fighting games after 19 years. I actually had the same thought of maybe they had to be unlocked by beating the story mode with all characters or on the highest CPU difficulty without dropping a round. For a moment in my head I wondered how rad I would feel if I was the discoverer. But I imagine that if the people ripping the game sprites over in the spriters resource haven't found anything they than the chances of these elusive characters existing in playable form are pretty nill.

I've actually been playing the PAL version, converted into ntsc format. It runs as perfectly as the Japanese version with the exception of the load times but I haven't noticed any differences between the two. I guess it's hard to tell with games this old and uncharted
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