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Feb 10 2017, 05:38 AM
Well, on the subject of Fighting games, Mace The Dark Age seems okay but playing against the Cpu opponents is brutal even on the easiest difficulty. The combat is okay but a bit janky then what I remember from Mk4. The executions are also really wimpy. It I guess Mk has desensatised me. Also I hate when console fighting games have time limits on the character select screen. I'm at home the timer is unnecessary.
Even the arcade version of Mace: The Dark Age is weak when compared to the PlayStation release of Soul Edge, but some people still stuck with it long enough to discover some devastating combos.

Mace combo and fatality video

The general consensus seems to be that Killer Instinct Gold is far and away the best legitimate fighting game on the N64. The fact that it doesn't have as many frames of animation as the arcade version Killer Instinct 2 ultimately forced many fighting game enthusiasts to view it with ambivalence, though. It's still a fun game, however, especially when you see really skilled players go at it.

Spinal (East14th) Vs. Jago (Cabdragon333) Killer Instinct 2 Casuals

N64 collectors should probably have both KI Gold and Mace in their library. I like the former well enough to have a complete example along with the SNES release of KI.

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