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I'm seeing Tom and Jerry: Fists of Furry on here and that brings back a lot of memories too. I picked up that game as quickly as I could when I was younger but I was stupid and gave it away about a year ago :P

I was never able to unlock the Team Battle mode back then - that might have improved the gameplay experience for me. What I did get to play, however, was pretty repetitive. I certainly enjoyed it when I was younger being a huge fan of Tom and Jerry and appreciating the irony of the same company producing a fighting game and the Elmo edutainment games. But it didn't age well.

It was an interesting twist on the fighting game formula by essentially giving us Mario 64 controls (A to jump, B to punch) but putting us in an arena environment. I could only play as the smaller characters though (Jerry, Tuffy, Tyke, Duckling) because the larger characters felt like wading in molasses. Also Spike basically had an infinite with just his jab combo that was really annoying. I'm sure there was some way to get out of it but I was too young and stupid to figure it out lol
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