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@Grizzmeister I've only ever played the new Killer Instinct but I'm glad to see that so many people got their fighting game fix on Killer Instinct Gold. Killer Instinct is fun but I've just never put enough time into it to really enjoy it. Maybe in the future. Also I won't deny that Mace can't be a fun game when you are good at it but it's a little too generic for me to ever want to put in the time to learn it. Also you didn't include Smash 64 in your picture, you trying to start something with me or did you just forget :P

@ItalianBaptist Glad to see someone interested in Flying Dargon and Fighter's Destiny because they are the 2 most unique fighters exclusive to the console and they both deserve a bit more praise, at least I know Fighter's Destiny does. I've never gotten into Flying Dragon much, it seems a bit lacking in the main fighting mechanics, but it has some fans too and I won't question their tastes.

I've said before that Xena is far better than you would expect from a licensed game but if I'm looking at it objectively it's a bit bland. What's good about Xena is that it is extremely simplistic and easy to pick up and play. Unlike many n64 fighters this game runs at a very decent frame rate which never dips and the controls are simple and respond immediately.

It only uses 4 attack buttons and the combat feels more out a hack n slash game than a fighter, probably because the PlayStation version turned out to be a hack n slash game. It has combos and juggles but they don't take much set up. You just button mash as until the preset combo plays out and then repeat. Every fight just plays out the same because it doesn't feel like there is any balance to anything and the movement is so free that the game boils down to just slash and run away when someone tries to hit you. You can parry and run up the walls to escape the corners but other than that it's really barebones.

For 5 dollars you may get a bit of multiplayer fun out of it. There is nothing horrifically wrong with it but it has 0 depth or nuance and there are no cool items or stages like in Smash to make it at least a bit random and fun.
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