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Feb 10 2017, 07:55 PM
I might pick up some of them to give them a go if they're cheap enough, but the reality is that of that era, the Saturn will always win for both selection and controller, for me at least.
As much as I love fighting games, I'm very surprised I never picked up a Saturn. I guess the PlayStation's wonderful lineup of 3D fighters kept me and my friends occupied at the time. I can remember playing countless hours of Tekken 3 and Soul Edge because both games were visually stunning, featured awesome soundtracks and are relatively easy to pick up and play. Heck, me and my buddy Doug even played lots of Bushido Blade because I had two PSX's linked so we could do the innovative first person view during versus matches. Ah, the memories. I really miss the 90's fighting game scene. ^_^

On the N64 I think Mortal Kombat Trilogy is highly underrated. It's not as easy to jump in to as the masterpiece that is Mortal Kombat II, but it does offer up much greater strategic opportunities as a result of its complexity. MKT is so deep offensively, in fact, that up until just a few years ago a dedicated group down in Brazil was still playing it semi-competitively.
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