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Feb 10 2017, 08:47 AM
So after watching some videos and giving it some thought, I'm hopefully picking up Fighter's Destiny AND Flying Dragon soon. Good prices on Lukiegames within my budget.

Thoughts on Xena?
I, personally, was surprised by Xena. I expected the worse. I always see Xena like the fighting part of some action RPG that was extracted. I found it easy to learn the moves and control the fighters. And I have developed a liking for certain fighters because of their particular moves and control. And there seems to be small combos that you can learn to perform. The game is easy to get into but it is not that deep of a fighter and that, I think, is mainly due to being limited in your variety of moves. The game is just basic. It doesn’t take long to master the single player mode. So I am thinking that the four player brawl is where this game would shine the most, a simple fighting party game. Starting in easy mode is a good place to learn to control and use your fighter. And the control seems tight, which is a plus. I don't think the game is for everyone. You will probably either like it or hate it. I never watched the series when it aired and I still was able to get into this fighter. So I don't think you would need to be a fan of the show. Short bursts, it's all right, but no long term play for me.
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