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Feb 11 2017, 07:10 PM
What does the Grizzmeister think of Fighter's Destiny? Don't be afraid to hurt this fanboy's feelings.
I make it a point to play every game that I buy but I honestly can't even remember playing Fighter's Destiny. :-8

That's not to say that FD is a bad game but apparently it didn't strike a cord in me like Tekken and Soul Edge did. By the time Fighter's Destiny was released the PlayStation already had a really strong lineup of 3D fighters and since I owned both a PSX and N64 the former was probably my platform of choice for the genre.

As much as I love Super Smash Bros. (N64) now, I didn't really care for it when I first played in back in 1999. That was undoubtedly a consequence of the way I was introduced to it. You see, my friend Ray brought it over and since he'd been playing it for a while he completely mopped the floor with our small gathering of friends. Fortunately, I went back to Smash 64 after picking up Brawl in 2008 and I now consider SSB64 a timeless classic that easily holds its own against its follow-ups.
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