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N64 lovers of all lands unite

I have finally decided to start this very ambitious and huge project, the N64 Anthology powered by us.

After years of thinking about it, I believe that now the time is ripe.

I'm a lucky possessor of the N64 Anthology, now available on Amazon, and I think it's a great resource that every N64 fan would love.

I don't know if this project will be considered redundant and useless due the existence of another Anthology on the market, but what I propose will be different for sure.

This forum has plenty of N64 gurus and experts, among those I have chosen two people to help me in this odyssey: Shellshocker18 and Danilochka.

Shellshocker18 will help me mostly in the game reviews section, as the guy has played and is going to play a lot of the N64ís lesser known games (and the famous ones too of course). Not only has he beaten them but heís looked for information and curiosities about them as well. He's able to judge a game objectively, distinguishing his opinion by facts.

Danilochka is the perfect man for the collecting section. He has an unmatched experience and keeps detailed databases with all the different covers and versions of games, consoles and controllers etc. Heís especially knowledgeable with PAL games and those considered to be the most rare and sort after titles.

Of course, our knowledge alone is not enough. We need all the help of the forum in order to make the book be the best N64 encyclopedia available.

If you guys have any ideas, advice or material to send us, please...don't be shy ;)

So far we have these goals:

- A small review of every N64 game released, usually one page each. While keeping in mind all the most important reviews about it, the gamerís opinions in the forum, what people usually love or dislike about it, etc.

- Every review will also contain every kind of useful info; release details, expansion / rumble pak support, controller pak pages etc. We will also acquire our own include high quality screenshots to help showcase each game.

- We plan to showcase all cover variants for every game, this means more than 8 for some games, a dream for every collector. Every special edition will be mentioned in the game section. Like with the screenshots, we aim to acquire all the box scans ourselves and not rely on existing images of varying quality.

- N64 expert interviews: we're going to insert some interviews from the most influential N64 personalities available in forums, with their photos, their N64 experience and a lot of questions about N64 games and anecdotes. Of course I can already think about some people in this forum that would be perfect for it.

- N64 collectors interviews: all the best collectors will be interviewed.

- "Quotes factor": every review will be enriched by quotes of the most competent reviews, YouTube, GameFAQs, various forums lines about it.

And much more. Our aim for the project is to produce the highest quality and most comprehensive N64 guide available, we're very open to suggestions guys so please tell us what you think.

We're not worried about questions like "is it not redundant?", "does it have enough appeal?", etc. In fact the project will born through Kickstarter, and if it fails to reach the goal then we're not going to do it and we won't lose anything.

This forum is fundamental for my N64 knowledge and it will be mentioned even in the cover if you allow me. The N64 Bible is currently just our working title and we welcome any other suggestions you may have.

Don't worry, I'm not going to do the grammar and revision part :P

My Google Drive email is gabrieleatzori@gmail.com, feel free to send me everything you want for help. Thanks!
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