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Mar 30 2017, 04:01 PM
So, i know several people that have the Anthology and several versions of it...

I personally have never seen it up close. I don't believe the makers ever really checked with any of us before making it so to speak, other than permission to use pictures.

How is/was the newer version different than the original French version?
I have the english version myself. Not sure the difference to the french version. I know it took a kickstarter to create it. It's definitely an undertaking.

The Anthology is 360 pages. It's could easily be double that with the right information. It would be great if all the product was photographed current, high resolution for print and be the same settings.

This is what the Anthology has for reference.

1. N64 Origins and Leading up to Launch
2. The life of the system 1996 to 2002
3. Interviews with Martin House "Golden Eye", Eric Caen from Titus and their games, Other developers from Minescape, No Cliche, Factor 5, Shigeru Miyamoto, Infogrames, Shiny Entertainment, Ocean.
4. Hardware
5. Game Library and something about every game.
6. 64DD
7. Canceled Games
8. Rarities/ Collector Items
9 Nintendo Around the World. "What N64 was and meant in different countries"
10. Collectors check off list

My strong suite is Photography so I'm willing to help with what I have and if it comes to it, receive and photography other items. Photographers will definitely need to collaborate on camera settings and use a photobooth. I can also edit and do some graphic design. I'm sure I could write a few game reviews. I'll need an editor though. I'll pretty much take on any task though. I'm a jack of all trades master of none kind of guy.
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