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I am back with my most outrageous theory to date. Strap yourselves in because I can going to expose the inspiration for one of the GREATEST home console games of all time:


So last weekend, my car was in for an oil change. The waiting room has some hokey western TV show from the 1960s running on a channel I never heard of (MeTV). The show was "The Big Valley" . . . no, I never heard of it either, but it apparently ran from 1965-1969. Just the way you'd picture it, odd coloring, male leads with their stern acting voices and the little women too demur to say a word. But then I realized why fate had put me in that waiting room: it wanted me to know the truth about MT Punch-Out!!

In this episode, a male lead gets to train and coach a down and out bare-knuckle boxer. When the boxer was sent into the ring with a big white bandage on his abdomen, I thought, hey, that's ironic, that's what King Hippo wore. When the boxer is sent into the ring wearing Van Kaiser's outfit, it hit me this might not be ironic at all!

The opposing fighter realizes that the boxer's weak spot is his head . . . and whacks at it as if the boxer was named Glass Joe.

As the fight goes on, the trainer desperately studies the opposing fighter for a tell . . . and finds it. It's his sloppy footwork. The fight is determined by the boxer hitting the opponent at the precise moment the trainer yells "now!" Like any later bout in MTPO, it's all about figuring out the tell of the flaw and then hitting the opponent at the right time.

So there you have it. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! was inspired by the 1960s TV show, "The Big Valley", Episode: "the Price of Victory".

What, you don't believe me?!? See for yourself here:

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