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Endure and survive...
A few years ago I had a running series of topics on here under the "More About You" banner.
I enjoyed many of the conversations. A recent revival of the childhood cartoon topic got me to thinking, I would like to revive this series.

So I wanted to first ask members for suggestions on new ideas for the series. Got an idea? Speak your mind here please :yeah:

Also I wanted to include a list of previous topics in the series, and include links to them. Some of these were years ago, and perhaps newer members would want to chime in on them. Just click below to jump to any of the topics.

Your First Memory

Your Dream Job

Influential People in Your Life

Tell Me About Your Pets

How Did You Get in to Gaming?

Tell Me About Where You Live

What Cartoons Did You Grow Up On?

What is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Your School Experience

Written in the Scars

A Typical Day in the Life...

Heroes in your Life

Favorite Christmas Memory

Your First Memory of the N64

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

What is your favorite sports team?

How is your shoe game?

What is your major interest? (Beyong Gaming)

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