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The thing about N64 Mini is they can put ALL of the good N64 games on the thing if they put at minimum 15 games on the thing. Really I think the N64 has tops 10 good games. You might could stretch that to say 15 games. So if Nintendo puts 20 games on the thing, then it should have every good N64 games you'd ever want to play.
The big problem I see if the N64 controller. It's a funky controller. It was seen that at the time, and it really would be seen as a funky controller today. I wonder if Nintendo did an N64 mini. Do you think they may make a re-designed N64 controller? I.e. get rid of the center trident piece and design it more like the gamecube controller? I think they may just skip the N64 as they could easily do the Gamecube mini since they just recently re-released the Gamecube controller.

I actually would be interested in the N64 Mini just because those games have been hard to emulate by the 3rd parties, etc. And so would be nice if they had all of the good games on it that you could play on HDMI.
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