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Last year I got a 13 inch Sony Wega FD Trinitron flat tube CRT free from another person on Craig's List. The guy had everything including the original remote, instruction manual and even the box it came in. I figured since it was a Trinitron (model # KV-13FS100) the picture quality would have to be good. However, after extensive tuning I came to realize that the TV's best days were behind it. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a really sharp image out of it. Yeah, the average person probably wouldn't have noticed but I'm OCD about stuff like that so I decided to pass along the Wega to somebody else who would appreciate what it had left. Here's the picture I used for my own Craig's List ad when I sold it.

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I got 35 bucks for it from a guy who intended to use it for Super Metroid speed runs. He didn't mind the lack of sharpness as all he was after was a TV with no input lag.

What blows my mind about that 13" Sony Wega and the 14" Toshiba that I just got is that both sets have S-Video and component inputs. It's as if the companies who made them knew eventually hardcore gamers would covet them.

So back to that Toshiba 14AF46, after minimal tuning I've concluded that the picture quality is utterly amazing. I'm gonna store it in my in-laws basement for safe keeping should my 20" Toshiba ever fail. I figure that as game companies keep offering HD compatible alternative for their libraries like Nintendo is doing with the Virtual Console and their Classic lines, I'll have less need for a big CRT TV and a little one like my 14" Toshiba will be enough to satisfy my future needs. :)
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