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Jul 28 2017, 09:57 PM
No. Will not buy any of these " mini " versions of consoles. NES, SNES, N64, whatever for the following reasons.

1. Real HW > Anyform of reedition, bootleg, clone
2. They are selling you something that is already done for almost 20 Years: Emulation
3. Input lag, inherent to any form of emulation.

Just pick a second hand N64, loose carts of the titles you like the most and enjoy.

For me it's more about the collectability. I'll always be a fan of the original carts over emulation. I almost have a full PAL set as well so why wouldn't I use that. I guess the idea of the N64 Mini for me is 1) the collectability and 2) interesting to see what they do surrounding the controller. Also, 3) potentially, online multiplayer?

But yeah for actually enjoying the games, as ever, sticking with the originals.

Oh and 4) what if we get a game that was never released or an extra beta game.
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