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Got an update today, first from my competitive smash 64 Facebook peeps then from the kickstarter page itself. They are changing the design a bit.

I'm not sure if the original one I saw was a prototype using actual n64 controller buttons but they're going for a grey and red design that looks very NES-like to me. That's probably gonna change because it still looks unfinished.

The big deal, though, is they're changing the control stick's housing to have angles rather than a simple circle. Think the difference between the GameCube controller and the Wii U pro controller and you'll get what I mean as I find it hard to put into words.

Why is this a big deal? Because the company is taking feedback and making positive tweaks because of it. Maybe that's the advantage of using a kickstarter, but wouldn't know if any of these other controller companies like retro bit or corks would ever be this transparent. It makes me trust the company more and have higher hopes for a better product.
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