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Haven't been here in a while but I have just purchased my 3rd N64 to go with my original PAL and J-NTSC consoles. It's another J-NTSC one - but it has been modded to play US-NTSC games (so what?) AND ...... outputs RGB SCART.

I have just finished trying out my JP cart collection on it with my official Gamecube SCART cable with my CRT and while I thought it would improve matters I am stunned. The image, particularly with later games, is gorgeous - FAR better than I thought I could ever get from an N64.

Wetrix, Yoshi's Story and Sin & Punishment are now quite simply, beautiful. Even the earlier games such as Waverace and MK64 are tidied up considerably. F-Zero X and Excitebike don't look too shabby either! Actually F-Zero looks lovely - better than the Wii VC version I play via component.

I got mine from an eBay seller called keepitretro (I thought I'd give him a plug as he lives locally - a rare thing from someone who lives in Northern Ireland). Great job.

If you have a CRT you really owe it to yourself to get yourself an RGB SCART modification. I am stunned - it feels like a new console. I'm using a 4:3 Panasonic TX25 CRT and I get a beautiful image with all of my retro consoles - and now the N64 has joined that crowd! I am delighted - and I may start moving the rest of my PAL collection over to NTSC now. Will see........
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