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I still wonder if they would do such a thing... The expansion kit...
Of course, it would be easy to port, with minimal translation needed, but:

- It's not an "unreleased" game in the sense of "cancelled". It just never got released out of Japan, automatically making it sorta uninteresting for the Japanese.
- It's a nice expansion, but most definitely not a system seller.

Starfox 2 was finished and pretty much cancelled JUST before release. They had a ready game that a lot of people were psyched about, making it easy to release it for a system like the SNES mini.
I don't think there is such a (first-party) title like that for N64, or not to my knowledge anyway, hence why I think it won't happen.

If it will happen, it will probably be something lame like Master Quest, which in theory never officially got released, for the N64 anyway.

Of course, I do hope for a surprise from Nintendo's side...
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