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Nintendo sixty-floorcat :P
LOL stinger, I'm like your polar opposite, at least as far as shoe size and wear goes.

My feet have always been pretty small... depending on the brand, I wear a size 7.5 or 8 US (so like 40-41 or so EUR). And then my shoes last FOR. EVER. And I don't think I really put an extra ounce of thought about walking gingerly or carefully to preserve the shoes... (kind of the opposite, in fact, as I ride brakeless BMX). I do tend to try to pick out shoes that are durable, though.

As for WHAT I wear... these days it's primarily this pair of casual leather Pumas (one of my favorite brands). You can't really tell in the picture, but they're a dark navy blue + red.
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Until somewhat recently, I wore a pair of super cheap, yet nearly indestructible Wellgos (the last of the 8 pairs I bought on clearance over 15 years ago for $10 a pop!)
Posted Image

And before that, it was mainly this pair of DC skate/BMX shoes. (As they're still far from worn, I still occasionally wear the Wellgos and DCs.)
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I used to wear black Adidas Sambas WAY back in the day, and could easily see myself wearing them again, if I don't find any good pairs on sale when I need a new pair.

And that's it for my everyday shoes. I have a nice, suuuuuper comfy pair of Sketchers for when I need to look a little nicer...
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...and a spiffy pair of Diesel sneaks for when I feel extra stylin' (which is almost never, lol).
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And then finally, I've got 2... scratch that... THREE pairs of Pumas on deck, to start wearing once the current pair get worn.
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Promising I'm not a total shoe freak, if you believe me... I basically just keep an eye out for a good deal and refuse to spend over $30 ($40, absolute max) on a pair of shoes.

And... as an added bonus...
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