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There is an N64 mini thread somewhere around here because I remember posting in it. Although I personally wouldn't buy one no matter what.

I bet Japan gets Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and America doesn't just like the Super Famicom mini. Heck Japan got Tetris Attack too and America didn't, so actually Pokemon Puzzle League seems more likely for Japan, probably both regions. And I promise Hybrid Heaven has no chance in hell, it's no classic and Konami hasn't ever acknowledged it since.

You know what game the Japanese version might get and would be really cool to see? Mysterious Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer 2. That game was originally going to be released on Wii virtual console I believe, but they remade the first game on Nintendo DS instead. And I believe the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are still a thing between Nintendo and Spike Chunsoft. Nintendo helped with Shiren 2 with several programmers and art assistants working on it to help Chunsoft, and even Creatures and HAL Labrotory are thanked in the credits, so Nintendo definitely did their fare share in the game too despite it being 3rd party.

The game was popular as hell too. It was one of the highest rated games in Famitsu that year and highest selling game it's launch week for any console, and give or take sold around 283,991 copies, which is the 24th best selling Japanese game, and 2nd best selling Japanese exclusive (just behind Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 6). It's Japans most classic RPG behind Paper Mario, so I can see it finally coming back to give the thing 1 more RPG because the Snes mini had like 6.
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