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The controllers for me too are the most exciting part. And wondering if there'd be an adapter for the N64 Classic Controller to be used on the original hardware. Anyone done this for the NES or SNES yet?

As hard as all this has been to find, I don't anticipate this being an EASY option to get a new N64 controller. BUT if there were some hardware revisions inside the controller to make the thumbstick more durable, it would be worth the quest to have a controller that wasn't sand running through the hourglass every moment you used it.

For the games, I could almost see Nintendo striking a deal with Rare/MS on something like this. Unlike virtual console where you'd probably licence the game(s) for X number of years or months at whatever cost per download ... you can forecast that, but it's a moving target.

Here, you know exactly how many units you will produce. It's pretty safe to say you'll tell them all through. If they can agree to a set one time royalty, you can do one clean cut deal and go your separate ways. I think there's a CHANCE Rare games could make an appearance.
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