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Hey all! This is my first post here. I began collecting N64 Controller Blister Paks a few months ago and have become hooked. I've been looking around for as much info and discussion on these things as possible, which led me to this post! I already see a couple familiar faces on here from Instagram and NintendoAge. I started out with the Jungle Green pak because I'm a huge DK fan and have since acquired fire, ice and grape. I'm chatting with a couple people about gold, but the price is up there (~$500ish). I don't love the solid colors as much as the clear funtastic models so I'm hesitant to bite. However I know I'll have to at some point to get the full collection. Anyways, thanks to everyone has shared their collections, the pics are gorgeous. If you have any blister paks for sale, feel free to reach out.
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