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@kartmaster: Your argument for the rare games does make sense. One of the reasons I started this thread was to see if I could make a compelling list of 20ish games for the system without including anything from Rare. But I probably want to make a second list with the Rare games.

What to replace? It depends on the number of Rare games we’d be getting, but probably MegaMan, Harvest Moon, or Kirby would be pretty likely candidates. Also maybe Pokémon Puzzle League - Nintendo didn’t seem to eager to get it to us on the Wii U and I have to wonder if there’s licensing issues with 4kids which may be why Japan still hasn’t gotten it.

I don’t see any M-rated games making it to the mini so Conker and Perfect Dark are out. Which is a real shame as Perfect Dark would be easier to license than Goldeneye and more than fills the void in my opinion. The most likely I could see would be Banjo Kazooie, followed by DK64, then Blast Corps and Tooie, and then Diddy Kong Racing (only because of Conker’s presence). Not sure about Jet Force Gemini - thinking it might be a bit of a stretch.
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