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The Shockmaster
Oct 17 2017, 10:46 PM
I'd say Blast Corps is a stretch. As far as I remember that game was made by DMA (now known as Rockstar) and not so much Rare.
It's a fun game, but I don't see it happening.

Other than that, I wish they put Kirby in there. Would be the biggest reason to buy it. Same goes for Mario Party 3 insted of 2, as 3 is more expensive.
Blast Corps is fully developed by Rare, as a quick google search or look at the credits will tell you. Even dev interviews with Rare staff have never once mention DMA, who honestly had their hands full at that time anyway. I don't know why anyone debates the Rare games outside DK64. How is Jet Force Gemini supposed to be anymore of a stretch than Banjo-Kazooie?

I thought my Shiren 2 suggestion was neat, as amongst all the internet rumors for a thing that doesn't exist yet, I never saw anyone suggest that real possibility. Out of the rest of the N64 Japanese Exclusives the only ones with real possibility come from Noise and Treasure.

Noise made Custom Robo & V2 but V2 is more likely. Custom Robo Ray appeared in Smash Brawl as an assist trophy, but Custom Robo is absent from Smash 4. I believe Noise is no longer paid to be a second party company to Nintendo, since their website shows mobile phone games from companies like Square. They expressed interest years ago about a new Custom Robo so Nintendo could pay a licensing fee with probably few issues. Nintendo also personally funded the original 2 games and had staff help out with them though the last entry was in 2006

Treasure made Sin & Punishment & Mischief Makers - S&P is more likely but Treasure now exists mostly as a company who licenses out there franchises to anyone who wants to pay, so Nintendo could pay to license their N64 exclusives. Bangai-O is both the most obscure game, and also had versions on other consoles so It won't ever have a chance at inclusion

Now Banpresto properties are now owned by Namco, so I can just barely imagine Super Robot Wars 64. It did okay in Japan but I don't think it's classic enough like Shiren.

Unfortunatly most the N64 best games are in limbo since most the companies are gone, and even many of the N64's best games don't feel triple A. Like DMA with Body Harvrest and Silicon Valley. Both great, and technically they are owned by Take 2 Interactive who is right now porting LA Noire to Switch, but Nintendo just can't advertise them as Classics. The companies weren't on good terms back then and they have only done sporadic business since. Even though I think Body Harvest is just as big a part of the N64's Legacy as Nintendo's biggest games. It was reveled the same day as the system, 1 of the original 13. I wish it would happen, though I'd probably get sick of all the forum posts talking about it then
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