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Viewing Single Post From: N64 mini Predictions
Oct 22 2017, 10:55 AM
Sorry for being a negative nancy here, but people aren't looking realistically at this at all, up to ridiculous proportions.
People are looking way too much at what they personally want, and too little to what Nintendo would actually do.

One thing I'm pretty much certain of, they will not program/reprogram any games, released or unreleased.
I've seen many ideas, Mother 3 is a big example among other unreleased titles, and people expecting a "plus mode" where textures and even polygons are changed to a modern look.

While this is all technically possible, why would they bother? For a system like this?

The sole reason that SF2 was on the SNES Mini was because it was a finished product, 100% done, ready to be shipped out and canned at the very last moment, with little to no additional programming required for the SNES Mini.
What games in that vain does the N64 have? All I can think of is either 40 Winks or Glover 2, both very unlikely to be released as they're third party, they're no system sellers and they weren't even that much anticipated at the time in the first place (and I'm not even sure if they really are 100% complete).

People are also fantasizing so much about the controller, but most likely they will be replicas of the original with a Wii plug, just like the NES and SNES mini. Why would they bother changing that formula?

As for the games, I think it can be quite simple; if it's not released on Virtual Console, it will most likely not be on the N64 Mini.
Also, who says that 20 games will be on this system? The NES Mini had 30, the SNES had 20 (+1), 10 less for no specific reason except memory. I wouldn't be surprised if the N64 Mini would end up with 10-15 titles instead.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to be proven wrong by Nintendo, but people shouldn't expect so much.
That really is pretty much the thing for all these expectations/wishes; It's all possible, but why would they bother?

That said, I will still buy this anyway, regardless of which features or games it will contain. :yeah:
yes, ocarina of time, majora's mask and mario 64 are great games....but people have those on the 3DS

the mini64 would be a hard sell without the rare games. goldeneye and banjo kazooie are as essential as zelda / mario on the N64.

mother 3 could be the incentive to buy the N64 mini, if they can't put the rare games on it.

i think a 3D mother 3 would be an incentive to a lot of people, regardless of what other games are on the mini N64.

i was hyped for the mini nes and snes, but man if earthbound 64 is on there.... the internet will explode. and nintendo knows that.

depending on how much work / time it would take to finish the remaining 40%, with today's technology, i wouldnt totally rule it out
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