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The Shockmaster
Oct 24 2017, 02:10 PM
Does the thought of including a picture of each board from the repository in something you've considered ?
I do think showing what actual boards look like would be fine since I see more people getting fakes this year. Since so many N64 games use the exact same boards, it's probably more space efficient to just show what each of the like 5 board types looks like and list games known to use that board. Some games like Mario Kart are also known to have at least 2 different shaped boards which did confuse somebody on Reddit earlier this year who thought their game was fake. Also nobody has offered to do Japanese games yet so it would be an incomplete list as it is now. Really I'd love it if somebody actually contributed some of those. My biggest fear is having people put boards of cheap games into fake shells to make them look more real in pictures. Can't really be avoided though
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