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Welcome to the forum, Megawatts64! When and how did you get your N64?

Thanks! I got my N64 for Christmas 1997 (I would have been 11 at the time). I had had a SNES beforehand, which I really liked but seeing the N64 for the first time blew me away. My parents said my siblings and I would need to sell some of our old toys to help pay for it as it was at that point quite pricey (shortly after it actually dropped to the 99.99 mark, which was great). I got it with Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64 (the game that really sold me on the system because it looked amazing at the time) and Bomberman 64, along with four controllers (an extra one for when a friend came over) and three Rumble Paks. I was chuffed (and despite selling stuff to help buy it, rather spoilt by it!)
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