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This project started in March 2017, so we are at the 10 month mark. Breeding Fear you have shown a lot of interest and I'm sure we will have some updates soon. I know the staff have talked to us about some things (not me specifically) and we have got tons of work done.

I'm sure a few people wish we would share stuff more often. We have been talking about what to show and when/where to show it. It may look like we are sitting on our asses but I promise we aren't. Everything is just work in progress and I personally just don't like sharing stuff early only to improve it later without people seeing. I regret even posting those 2 early reviews but I'm not taking them down now. I really need to get over it but even after all 3 other guys praise my writing I sometimes still hate it and judge it too hard. Plus we already have a lot of exclusive information that would be best to share either closer to release or after the book is already out so we can sell people on it, but it's the kind of stuff that would also be cool to show early to give people a glimpse into what we are doing and inspire a little faith that we aren't doing this half-heartedly. It's a big catch 22.

I don't wanna bring this up constantly but I do wanna be honest. I've come to find more and more as time has gone on how incomplete and biased the N64 Anthology is as a book. I will not say any personal feelings I have towards the writer Matt Manent, but he is about to release a GameCube anthology as well. He is one man and being able to recount entire console histories by yourself is hard, it's hard enough with 4 people, and the amount of incomplete and incorrect things in the book is stunning. Just keep in mind we have 4 knowledgeable and diverse writers, a community of very helpful people backing us up, all the time in the world, and we are making it as great as we can. I'm not going to waste 1-2 years of my life then put my name on a book that sucks.

Everytime I come into this thread to respond I'm afraid I'm humblebragging or I'm somehow building it up too much. I don't know why though. It's hard to tell how closely people are watching us when we've barely said or shared anything. When we do share stuff I hope people realize it's less than 1% of our work. I'll share some of my stuff here in the next couple days.
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