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I receive wireless internet service from my provider. I have a box suction cupped to my window on the inside. It is the receiver and you hook this to your router. The signal is broadcast from a pole in the neighbourhood. The bad is occasionally there is a loud thump in the room where it fell. The ritual is to wash the window area and the suction cup, reapply. You have to make sure that it is adjusted and pointed toward that box on the pole, up a little more, over that way a little, now. There are a series of little bars going from red, yellow, to green. Three green, the last being the best signal. This can be tedious at times just messing with the adjustments. And frustrating if you are in the middle of streaming a movie when it falls to the floor. :angry: I can see two of the broadcast boxes from my front window where I have my receiver. I do wifi throughout my house. My phone, PS3, and XBOX 360, I wire. I can be streaming a movie, on the phone VOIP, my wife can be on the kindle fire ebaying, and my daughter and I can be on separate laptops searching the net, at the same time. Any software issues with the receiver are solved with a shutdown and rebooting.

I have been very satisfied with the service. I have no complaints. It streams good for me, movies or gaming. I do personally know people in my city that have had service from it where they could not stream anything, buffering, streaming, buffering, streaming, buffering, and dropped it. That is really the fault of the ones handling the service and running too many people on one broadcast box. I know of one person where they mounted the receiver on the top of their house because the company did not serve in his neighbourhood but they did in the neighbourhood next to him. :huh: So it seems that the service is based on the goof-balls that are handling it. I have had this for several years now.
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