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7 years ago, I revived a previously failed concept called game of the month. The original idea was to of course promote discussion. Despite some slow periods, I feel it has accomplished the goal. Ultimately fighting a continually more limited selection month after month, I'd say it out performed my original expected longevity. Who would have thought it would have lasted so long? January would be the 85th installment in the series, but it won't be.

A lot of our more active members have not been around for 7 years. The same could be said for 5 years ago even. A lot of the real meat and potatoes of the N64 library had already won and been discussed before a lot of our current members had a chance to participate.

So how do we remedy this? We relaunch it, and improve it. One of the original concerns was that the best seller games would predominately get picked and the other games would not be the focus. So I made it where the top 20 was only selectable once a year or on special occasions. A nice idea, but only 8 of the top 20 have been used in 7 years. That is too far to the other end of the specturm. Another thought was to
have region restrictions. Games had to be available in both Pal and Na regions to be eligible. This is a nice idea, but I am no longer adhering to it. Availability of the game is not a big issue to me. A lot of folks (myself included) do not typically play the winners, we just discuss them. Perhaps we don't have the time, or perhaps we don't have the funds to chase down a copy. It does not stop us from wanting to discuss the game or learn what others think about it.

So here is my plan of action:

1 - Reset the list, Wave Race will serve not as the 85th winner of Game of the Month. It will instead be 1st on an entirely new list.

2 - The top 20 in sales list will be eligible more often. In fact they will be eligible on any month where a top 20 game didn't win the previous month. Also top 20 games cannot win more than 5 months out of the year. This ensures that some of the top 20 games make it through the first 4 years of a cycle. For instance, Wave Race will be game one on this new list. It is a top 20 game, so they are ineligible next month. Also it means that up to 4 more top 20 games can win this year before the rest become ineligible.

3 - The NA/Pal region restriction is over. If a game unavailable in your region is nominated and wins, perhaps take the chance to read and learn what you missed out on. JP region exclusives are still not eligible.

4 - Also to spice things up a bit, I want to honor those who participate frequently. I will be keeping track of a points system to reward someone at the end of the year. Members will get a point each month that they nominate a game. The member(s) who nominate the winning game will get another point. Anyone who comments on the winning games post to discuss the winner will get another point PER POST (while that game is the active GotM, and as long as they are meaningful posts). At the end of the year, I will tally the points and name the winner the "2018 Nintendo 64 Forever Game of the Month MVP". That person will receive a Nintendo/PSN/Xbox gift card of their choosing of at least $20 in value (I will try to do more if I can). I will be making this retroactive to include the January GotM nomination topic, and will of course include the Wave Race Topic I just started.

I hope this news excites you all, and helps generate more forum activity. A special thank you to the rest of the staff for offering ideas on changing the format :yeah:
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