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D.J Cat
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Jan 22 2018, 09:16 AM
I missed out on Banjo Tooie the first time round and just picked it up recently, so I've been playing BK through again before I play Tooie. Been going for 100% item collection of each world before moving onto the next, nearly finished and can't wait to try out the completely new sequel soon. I watched Glenn Plant's review and seems like they went all out.

Welcome to the forum and nice avatar of the Japanese Perfect Dark cover art 😍

So, I think Banjo Tooie is bloody fantastic although I can finally see some people's point of view that it is TOO big but, if you have the time and patience you are in for a treat.

It is EXACTLY what 12 year old me wanted.
A far bigger sequel to a really fun first game in the series.
And If you like subtle innuendo on multiple occasions....this is the game for you! 😂

As for me, I have been switching between Wave Race 64 and Excitebike 64.
Finally got my good form back in Wave Race and starting to really get the hang of Excitebike.
Working out which racer suits your play style helps a lot! 🏆
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