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At first I tought it was the power supply and took some time to find a substitute to it.
Today, I've got an 12v power supply, but instead of 150mA it was 1A.
I plugged and the thing started to work. Great!!

Unfortunatelly, a few seconds working fine and it started to make smoke. :-(
After that, it was dead.
I disassembled it and figured out that a transistor and a resistor have burned, with some part of the board.
The transistor was kind of easy to identify, an S9014.
The resistor unfortunatelly I couldn't find the value.

I took a look ath the circuit, and it looked similar to the oldschool serial mouse, wich got power from the PC serial port through diodes.
It also had a 5v zener on the 9v supply input.
Without a part of the board, restoration guess was difficult, at least to me that am not a technician...
Plugged on the PC and nothing, wich was not a surprise since I was not sure of how the parts should be connected.

So, I build a input circuit with an 78L05 on the small power supply input board and bridged the collector and emiter now dead transistor.
I tried again without a power supply and BINGO! The thing worked!!
Tried the same power supply and it also worked fine.
Aside for the brighter LED I saw no difference at all.
Maybe the power supply is there to satisfy some power hungry thirdy parties memory cards.

I know that's not the best solution, but this probably can help someone else to get their DexDrive working again.
I sincerelly wish that someone with a know good DexDrive can draw at least the power input circuit and share it.

Anyway, thanks in advance!
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